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Social Programme

Delhi: The gateway to India!

What a fantastic place to learn English and discover Indian culture! Delhi has everything from ancient temples to modern shopping centres, vibrant colourful festivals and bustling street markets, wonderful Indian restaurants and peaceful green parks plus a history that stretches back over two thousand years.
Here at SGI India to help you enjoy all the city has to offer, we have a lively, stimulating and well-organised Social Programme for all our students. The programme combines a heady mix of cultural visits and social activities, all giving you a great chance to both practise your English and discover Indian culture.

The most popular activities are:

⇒ Visits to important monuments in Delhi, including the Taj Mahal
⇒ Visits to street markets
⇒ Indian Cooking workshops
⇒ Participation in Indian Festivals
⇒ Nightlife with clubbing and cinema

Activities are organised to keep your time occupied after school, allowing you to discover the city and the country, whilst making new friends. This is also a great way to practice your English!

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