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Service Charter

Extensive research has been done to show us the best conditions for learning and speaking a language which is not our mother tongue. This research has influenced the way we teach and the way you learn here at SGI.

Here are some features of life at SGI:

⇒ You are an individual! You have strengths and weaknesses and individual needs.
We recognise this and so try to provide you with what you want as an individual.

⇒ Our small size batches and seating arrangement help us concentrate on all students equally.

⇒ Regular feedback, homework and progress reports are all part of the service!

⇒ Learning a language is fun and hard work! English will seem natural to you the more you participate in your classes.

⇒ Your teachers will be enthusiastic, friendly, and well-organised so you will enjoy your lessons more and learn more.

⇒ The students’ experience of life is important – relating the classes to your experiences in life makes the classes more fun with interesting activities.

⇒ Practising structures/vocabulary you have recently learnt in an enjoyable way without worrying about making mistakes.

And this is what we do for our students:

⇒ Develop their ability to speak and understand everyday English.

⇒ Increase their grammatical knowledge so they can use a greater range of structures when speaking English.

⇒ Develop their ability to read and write English more efficiently.

⇒ Increase their active vocabulary and are provided with ideas as to how to independently improve their vocabulary.

⇒ Improve their pronunciation and expressiveness when speaking English.

⇒ Develop their ability to become more independent as learners of English by providing self-study opportunities in the self-study centre along with advice on continuing their learning
when they finish their studies at St George International.

⇒ Have a clear indication of the progress they make through our system of tests, tutorials and public examinations.

⇒ Are offered the opportunity to take a public examination if they want to do so.

We have worked hard to achieve our reputation for excellence in teaching English to students from all over the world. Our continued success is built on our determination to continuously improve the courses we provide.

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