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Travel and Learn a total immersion into India’s culture!


This unique programme is the perfect choice for people looking to explore and experience India with the natives while studying English and learning about the Indian culture, religions, heritage and Hindi!

Make no mistake, in this programme you will improve your English and you will discover places and people who will linger forever in your mind. Students have described this programme as a “life changing journey”.

Key facts:

 Duration – 12 weeks
 Learn – 1 level of English | Basic Hindi | Yoga | Indian cooking
 Discover – Indian Culture, Heritage and Cuisine
 Experience – Overwhelming history, tradition and hospitality
 Visit – 24 cities all across India

Week 1

 Take assessment tests and get enrolled in General English classes
 Study Hindi in the afternoons twice a week.
 Visit the monuments in Delhi.
 Go out in the evening for quawallis, theatre, concerts, cultural shows, movie screening thrice a week

Weeks 2 to 8

⇒ Continue lessons of English and Hindi.
⇒ Learn yoga and Indian cooking in the evenings
Visit the markets in Delhi.
⇒ Optional classes on Indian history, culture and religion will be available during the week.


Weeks 9 to 12

⇒ Visit Khajuraho; Varanasi; Gaya; Darjeeling; Kolkata; Bhubaneswar; Hyderabad; Chennai; Thekkadi; Cochin; Munnar; Goa; Mumbai; Aurangabad; Ahmedabad; Dwarka; Udaipur; Jodhpur and Jaiselmer
Hotel stay at all these locations

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