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SGI India English school in Delhi, offers a special programme for the students of Libya.

We not just provide quality English Language teaching but also offer admission assistance to National Accreditation Council (NAC), accredited Indian University of their choice (from the list) post the completion of University Foundation Course.

Process Flow

Before joining SGI – Obtaining VISA

Student Enquiry
For enquiries, you can call the institute at +91-11-41080066 or send email to 

You can take an online grammar test and discuss your course needs with the student councellor at SGI India.

Visa Invitation Letter
To get VISA Invitation Letter ( VIL) and Provisional Admission Letter (PAL) from SGI, students need to send a scanned copy of their passport and sponsorship letter ( if sponsored ) or full payment of the course fee in advance ( if self financed).
VIL & PAL will be mailed to the students within 2 working days after the receipt of their documents.

VIL & PAL can be submitted at the Indian Embassy in Libya to obtain student VISA for India.The Embassy usually takes about a week to issue visa.

Sample documents download:
⇒ Provisional admission letter
⇒ VISA Invitation letter

While studying at SGI

University Foundation Course
SGI India offers courses for students of all levels of language proficiency. We recommend students from Libya to go for University Foundation Course, which is an intense course; designed internationally.
The course will enable you enhance your English Communication and prepare you for University level education . The course includes special writing sessions, special English Clubs, roleplays, regular assessments and timely feedback to ensure the highest quality standards and result orientation.

FRRO & Visa Extension
For all foreigners staying in India it’s mandatory to register themselves at Foreigner Regional Registration Offices, (FRRO). SGI India helps the students with filling up the registration form, accompanying them to FRRO and offer all other help required to extend their VISAs as well.

Admission to an Indian University
Students can choose from a list of NAAC accredited Universities in India for higher studies.
SGI offers assistance and ensures that the students get admission in a good college after completion of the English training course at the institute.

Sample documents download:
⇒ List of NAAC accredited Indian Universities
 Course Outline – University Foundation Course   

We welcome students from Libya and we are committed to providing world class education, result oriented learning & hassle free stay and higher education in India.


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