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Young Learners’ Creative Writing

Expressing yourself well in English is another vital skill that your child needs to develop to succeed in this increasingly competitive world.

English is not a subject but a language and a good command over it ensures success in all fields. The ability to generate ideas in English and then put those ideas down impressively onto paper is a vital yet neglected skill in most schools.

SGI’s Creative Writing course ( 12- 16 year olds) caters for this expressive creative requirement which the school system is unable to provide.

The course objective is to ensure that by the end of the course, your child can express their thoughts in writing in a clear and interesting way. Besides writing, there is also a focus on essential grammar and vocabulary development as well as ‘dipping their toes’ into public speaking, based on their writing.


The Creative Writing course is a wholesome course, which exposes a child to all aspects of the English language through fun-filled projects. After long school hours, the last thing a child needs is another ‘tuition class’. The SGI method of teaching helps the child discover his own potential and arms him with the appropriate skills to express himself fully with ease.

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