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The English Speaking Course in Delhi is a great way to develop your ability to speak and communicate confidently in English.

We use a dynamic interactive approach, purposeful and serious, but also fun and stimulating. Besides the focus on your Speaking, the courses also include necessary development work on Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation and other skills like Reading, Writing and Listening.

Our English Speaking Course system made simple:

Our English Speaking Course is based on a rigorous modular system we have developed so students can progress in an easy-to-understand way through different levels of English. There are total of 4 levels of English, each one with 3 modules of 5 weeks which you need to pass in order to complete the full English level and progress to the next one:

Elementary – 3 months
 Pre-Intermediate – 3 months
 Intermediate – 3 months
 Upper-Intermediate – 3 months

All English courses are based on a 36 hour modules (5 weeks) and the minimum purchase is one module of 5 weeks.
To complete a full level course of English typically takes three modules.

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