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The English Speaking Course for Children aims at making the child understand the language, learn the language, and most importantly confidently speak the language.

Most children are exposed to English only during their English lessons in school which treats English more like a subject than a language. Hence children are not comfortable in making conversations in English and slowly hesitation creeps in.

To help a child overcome their hesitation and become fluent in the language, SGI has specifically designed a course for young learners which focuses on making them understand the usage of various grammar rules to help speak English correctly and with confidence.

The course covers 7 basic components of the language: Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary. The focus though is on Spoken English.

During the course we also introduce the child to the world of books and try inculcating the habit of reading in them. The SGI Library has a rich collection of books for children and many board games to enhance their language skills in the most fun way.



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